This is Alec McQuay’s personal and professional blog. All opinions childish, expressed more loudly than necessary and probably highly debatable.

I write stories of all lengths and across multiple genres, particularly in post-apocalyptic settings of one sort or another. Most of my work to date has been with Fox Spirit Books, who can be found here. I love horror, action, humour and mixing different storytelling aesthetics to create my own worlds.

My debut novel, a cyber/steam/stuff-punk western by the name of Emily Nation, can be found here in teeny-tiny-electric-doodah version or here, if you prefer your books to be made of dead plants. If you are kind enough to want to buy the paperback, please be aware that it is print on demand. This will not take long to get, but all of the third-party suppliers listed below are lying bastards who have zero ability to purchase the book and definitely do not have it in stock.

About me:

I was born and bred in Cornwall and have lived here for most of my life. If you’re interested, I’m a husband and father of two, an architectural ironmonger by trade, a comic book geek and novice powerlifter. I have a dog called Piran, cats by the names of Mordred, Betty and Honey, a bristle-nosed plecostomus called Flanders, assorted tiny fish with the collective name of Legion and a Siamese Fighting-Fish called Thanos.

Inside leg-measurement available on request.


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