Moany, book thieving parasites.

The nerve of someone emailing an author, complaining that Ocean of PDF has been shut down…

Look, OK. I get that there are people in the world who are skint. There are people who can’t buy new books. I get that. That sucks, friend… But if you are emailing an author, pissing and moaning about them protecting their livelihoods and those of their friends and colleagues then you, my dear, are a Grade A, grass fed, Lion Mark-wearing git.

I know only a handful of things about you. I know that you have access to the internet. I know that this means you have access to a phone, tablet, or computer.

If you have access to these things, and you very clearly do if you were able to send that email or DM and access Ocean of PDF in the first place, then you have access to the Kindle app. The kindle app… Is free.

On the Kindle app you will find free works of classic fiction, books, poems, and short stories that are out of print and in the public domain, PLUS freebies offered up by writers. You can click a button and be given the complete works of some of history’s most prolific authors. You have free access to more fiction and non-fiction via this app than you could ever find the time to read if you lived to 150 and never did anything else.

What it doesn’t give you access to is much in the way of new fiction, particularly from the big names. This brings me to the other thing I know about you – your rampant sense of entitlement.

Being poor puts unfair limits on you, but that does not give you any right at all to overlook the vast libraries of freely available literature just because you want to read The Hunger Games and your personal circumstances won’t allow you to buy a copy. The free Kindle app makes the lost library of Alexandria look like a rickety bookshelf in the corner of an abandoned house. And that’s just the Kindle app… M.I.T. and others have made vast swathes of educational material available too – again for free. We could all stop buying books tomorrow and we would never run out.

Across fan-fiction and writer’s forums there are countless millions of other stories, and that collection is expanding at an exponential rate you could never, ever hope to catch up to. It’s not possible.

So no, I don’t feel sorry for you, and your pathetic, entitled bitching that a group of writers (who are already squeezed by margins to the point that it’s damn near impossible to write as a job, even if you’re really good at it) want to protect their meager assets.

You are not Robin Hood. You are the King John of this piece – a lazy, parasitic little butthole who thinks the world owes them something.

And in case I have not been abundantly clear already, you suck.


One thought on “Moany, book thieving parasites.

  1. I wish I could applaud this sentiment to eternity!

    I’m a just-starting out indie author. One of my books has sold less than 200 copies, and it has never been priced higher than $2.99 in the three months since publication. A couple days ago, I used Blasty to take it down from NINE pirate sites.

    Last month, I didn’t make enough from my books to buy 1 weeks’ worth of groceries for my family – which is me, my husband and our two kids.

    Book pirates are LITERALLY stealing food from out of my childrens’ mouths.


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